BIAS Corporation and Equinix: Optimize Your Journey to Oracle Cloud

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BIAS Corporation and Equinix: Optimize Your Journey to Oracle Cloud

As more organizations move workloads to Oracle Cloud, the need for flexible, secure, high-performing and scalable connectivity is on the rise. With enterprises becoming more connected via the cloud, they are also consuming more data. This requires integration and management of ever-increasing volumes of data – ensuring that real-time information needed to stay competitive is easily accessible and available, as well as the ability to keep up with changing compliance and security rules. Managing and maintaining these environments can be complex and time-consuming.

BIAS and Equinix have partnered to allow organizations to quickly deploy turnkey hybrid cloud solutions while eliminating risk and significantly reducing operating expenses. Equinix industry-leading network, security and data center facilities coupled with BIAS’ proven expertise in Oracle Cloud, professional services and managed services, allows clients with little or no cloud expertise to quickly deploy complex hybrid cloud configurations that are flexible, scalable and high-performing. All of this provided without the burden of managing or maintaining those environments.

BIAS and Equinix have developed two joint solution offerings to allow organizations to quickly deploy turnkey hybrid solutions:

BIAS managed Equinix Data Hub

The BIAS managed Equinix Data Hub helps organizations address the operational complexities of data volume storage and management as you make the move to cloud, and allows organizations to:

  • Enrich your data – leveraging external data sets requires either colocation or close proximity to the data sets
  • Spread data repositories globally while still adhering to domestic and foreign compliance regulations
  • Create seamless data protection and replication by giving organizations strategically placed locations for data backups and snapshots
  • Always have access to data – Data Hub features locally optimized data and metadata repositories that make data available to the people who need it, when and where they need it, thanks to extensive network connectivity options

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BIAS managed Equinix Performance Hub

The BIAS managed Equinix Performance Hub features secure, private, high-performing and scalable connectivity to Oracle Cloud, and allows organizations to:

  • Extend their networks to the edge where Oracle Cloud resides, with secure, scalable, private, high-performance connectivity from Equinix, the leader in global interconnection
  • Quickly create virtual cross connects to connect to Oracle Cloud and over 180+ public cloud providers
  • Streamline operations and manage costs with BIAS Managed Services for 24/7 support

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BIAS and Equinix – Optimize Your Journey to the Cloud

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