Podcast Recap: Different Flavors of Migration on BIASed Podcast Channel

Recently, our team leaders recorded a podcast discussing the many migration processes at BIAS – and why one may be preferred over another. BIAS performs these migrations across multiple platforms, including: commodity hardware to engineered systems, distributive systems to Oracle’s OCI Cloud, Mainframe to Oracle and other cross-platform migrations.
The techniques used at BIAS apply to both on-premise and cloud migrations. [...]

4 Best Practices to Securing your Data while in Transit to the Cloud

A rapid increase in the adoption of cloud technologies and associated benefits has created a push in the industry to migrate workloads to popular cloud solutions to remain competitive in relevant markets. Recently, BIAS has found that more and more leading industry organizations are turning to the cloud, assessing its capabilities, and looking for ways to revolutionize their databases and [...]

Oracle ERP, HCM & PPM Cloud: How to bring it all together in EPBCS

You’ve made the launch into the Cloud, but one concern you may have now is getting ERP, HCM and PPM to update your EPBCS applications dynamically and without error.

Previously, former Planning on-premise users would dive right into Financial Data Manager Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) or Data Relationship Manager (DRM), toss in some SQL routines and magically complete the integration.  Now with Cloud environments, users have an “FDMEE Light” option called Data Management.  Data management works well for the occasional load; however, if the data loads aren’t coupled with metadata updates, those loads are subject to errors [...]

Leveraging 13c Cloud Control’s Auto-heal Capabilities in Your Environment – Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we provided an overview of the corrective action feature of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). In this post, we will be describing what corrective actions are, and how they can be utilized to automate some of the repetitive (and more mundane) daily tasks of a DBA.
The Test
We picked one of our medium-sized Managed Services [...]

Leveraging 13c Cloud Control’s Auto-heal Capabilities in Your Environment

As an Oracle Managed Service Provider (MSP), BIAS strives to make incident handling and repetitive actions as seamless and automated as possible.  Automating repetitive tasks leveraging cloud controls corrective actions, allows us to increase our efficiency as well as provide our customers with a consistent quality of service.

As a starting point, we performed an analysis of our MSP customer base [...]

API First Integration for the Cloud

Cloud technologies are rapidly gaining momentum. Initially, lower storage cost and quick access to environments for development were features that motivated organizations to use the Cloud. Today, Cloud has features for virtually every role of technology within three different models – IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). A key aspect [...]

Responsive Design- Are You Mobile Ready?

Whether it’s online banking, shopping for shoes, or just searching Google to find DIY tips, most website administrators will tell you that their analytics are showing a huge change in the way their audiences are viewing data. In fact, according to Statista, traffic from mobile devices surpassed desktop traffic in 2017, accounting for almost 53% of global online traffic. That’s [...]

AP Automation at Citizens, Inc., BIAS’s latest ERP Cloud Implementation

I’m Chris Preziotti, a Principal Consultant with the Oracle Applications team at BIAS, and we recently went LIVE with our latest SaaS Cloud implementation at Citizens, Inc., an insurance holding company based out of Austin, Texas. The implementation itself consisted of both ERP Cloud and EPM Cloud, and focused on helping Citizens, Inc. achieve three goals:

Streamline financial processing
Improve internal controls
Align [...]

Oracle Database on Microsoft Azure Cloud – The Process Roadmap to Move to Azure

It is an exciting time to be in IT. There are more and more footprints moving from on-premise to the cloud. We are seeing more and more clients moving not only to the Oracle Cloud, but also to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

BIAS was approached by a major software developer to assist with the future state roadmap and implementation of one [...]

What’s Common Between a Self-Driving Car and an Autonomous Database

After decades of research and hard work, self-driving cars have become a reality and are slowly being manufactured by more and more companies. A self-driving car has multiple automated features and can drive on its own without manual intervention. What started as a small car only capable of driving a few miles in a single lane without manual intervention, has now evolved to be an autonomous vehicle which can breeze through heavy traffic in a city like San [...]