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Cloud Services

End-to-End Cloud Services and Support

Tailor made to suit your system and internal requirements, BIAS Cloud Services are dependable, flexible and secure. We offer a broad portfolio of Cloud Services, including Colocation and Hosting, to help our clients capture the benefits of cloud technologies and support cloud-based initiatives while controlling the costs and complexity of cloud computing. Our team of certified cloud architects examine each customer’s strategic enterprise goals and design a detailed roadmap to a cloud solution that aligns to those goals. BIAS will design, build, host and manage your entire cloud environment – and provide the assurance that your mission critical systems, applications and databases are constantly monitored and managed to achieve targeted performance, stability, reliability and availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, with low cost, predictable monthly and quarterly service plans, BIAS Cloud Services deliver dependable return on investment and year-over-year cost savings. Explore our key Cloud Services below, and contact us to learn more.

Private Cloud

Unlock innovation, agility and cost savings with BIAS Private Cloud Services. BIAS can help you build and deploy your own private cloud or securely host and manage a private cloud for you.
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Hybrid Cloud

Improve scalability while ensuring compliance and security with BIAS Hybrid Cloud Services, which allow you to manage non-critical workloads in the BIAS public cloud while keeping mission-critical workloads secure internally.
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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Transform to a Modern platform utilizing Oracle’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Applications. BIAS has certified experts ready to assist you with this cutting-edge Cloud suite of applications to provide a complete, integrated solution for your entire business. SaaS is subscription based allowing Organizations to pick & choose the type and quantity of applications they are needing across Financials, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, etc.
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Infrastructure as a Service

Leverage BIAS’ virtualized hardware and computing Infrastructure as a Service to enhance scalability, expand capacity and avoid the up-front capital costs of cloud computing. Virtual server space, storage, load balancing and networking are optimized and available to you on demand with BIAS.
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Platform as a Service

Create, consolidate and deploy your enterprise applications quickly and easily by leveraging BIAS’ unique virtualized environment. With BIAS’ Platform as a Service, you can cut application development costs by as much as one third, reduce risk and speed time to delivery.
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Database as a Service

BIAS has been designing and implementing cloud and hybrid-cloud infrastructures for years. Now with the availability of Oracle Database Cloud Services, BIAS is leveraging this new highly scalable infrastructure to implement secure, high-performing Oracle cloud solutions for our clients. Wherever you are in the journey to the cloud, BIAS can provide cloud blueprinting services, architecture design, and implementation and migration services.

Integration Platform (PaaS)

Oracle Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) allows the enterprise to rapidly provision, deploy, manage, and connect to your on-premise and SaaS applications.  BIAS’ iPaaS Implementation Service will enable your enterprise to successfully adopt an Oracle iPaaS solution or hybrid (iPaaS and on-prem) solution.

BIAS Application Development Cloud Implementation Service

Oracle’s Application Development Cloud Service provides a comprehensive suite of Cloud Services for simplified development and rapid deployment resulting in a more agile development lifecycle.  BIAS’ Application Development Cloud Implementation Services will allow your enterprise to successfully adopt the Application Development Cloud Services-based solution.

Document Cloud Service

Oracle’s Document Cloud Service (DCS) provides a strategic opportunity to reduce overhead, maintenance, and overall operational expenses for your on-premise Oracle, non-Oracle or unstructured content. BIAS can help you understand the important architectural differences between DCS and on-premise content in order to best leverage DCS and integrate in and out of your cloud and on-premise applications requiring document management, seamlessly.

Single Sign-On / Authentication Cloud Service

Proliferation of Cloud Services and Cloud Providers, including Oracle and Other (ServiceNow, Salesforce, Work Day) which have seen greater adoption, require organizations to streamline the access to these services. Corporate identity and credentials to access on-prem and cloud services is now a key requirement. BIAS can help enable these with Oracle’s Access Management System (Existing or newly deployed).

Identity Governance Cloud Service

It is imperative to have a 360 degree view of your identities, even if they are for your applications in Cloud, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and WorkDay. As you provision accounts in your on premise systems and directories, you should also provision based on the access requirement to services in Cloud. BIAS Corporation has built several cloud connectors in addition to what are available from Oracle and can also offer capability using Oracle’s Identity Governance platform to provision identities.

Business Intelligence Cloud Migration Service

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) provides a strategic opportunity to reduce overhead, maintenance, and overall operational expenses for your Oracle BI applications.  BICS allows you to leverage the logical modeling from your on-premise data and use a snapshot capability to bundle your model, report content and security for code migration.  BIAS can help you understand the important architectural differences between BICS and OBIEE in order to best leverage these new capabilities.

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is a flexible planning application based on Oracle Hyperion Planning that supports enterprise wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a cloud-based deployment model. Experienced BIAS architects assist with implementing Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service to provide a rich Web and Microsoft Office enabled planning and modeling framework that supports driver based planning to help connect operational assumptions to financial outcomes.